Off-The-Shoulder Style Is Trending In Spring

Everyone is talking about this season’s off-the-shoulder look. Fantastically versatile, the beauty of this design trend is that it can be customized for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a refined evening dress, casual daily fashion or something in between, the shoulder-less style has it all. Perfect when made from pure fabrics or heavier weights for cooler temperatures, the clothes can be cut or fall free, making the shoulder-less design ideal for everyone.

For a casual Look, pair a lace crochet top with distressed jeans and a wide leather belt. Pair a long-sleeved chiffon tunic with rolled-up shorts for ultimate Chic or create a more formal outfit with a Crop Top and knitted fabric mini skirt.

Off-the-shoulder is a good choice for day wearing with a difference. A curvy dress with an asymmetrical hem, freely falling pleats and a wide leather belt at the waist with tools will flatter your curves and make a real statement. A custom-made geometric dress with a fitted contour and short length allows you to show off your legs and shoulders to a fabulous advantage, while a soft wraparound style gives a different feel, but has no less effect. Or evoke the spirit of sun-drenched Mexico with a pretty ruched off-the-shoulder blouse with a matching skirt.

The style is really highlighted with a stunning evening wardrobe. Sheer, sheer fabrics that naturally fall to the floor and swirl as you move create the dress of your dreams. Or why not opt for an elegant design with a touch of Victorian restraint, but with a decidedly contemporary twist?

And of course, for height in feminine appeal, an off-the-shoulder wedding dress makes you the center of attention for the right reasons. Try a fitted bodice with a deep neckline, sweep to a full skirt or highlight your Figure with a dress that burns off your knee. Whether it’s delicate foamy lace or smooth silk, simple sophistication or a deliciously detailed finish, the shoulder-less Look can be tailored to any silhouette.

Carefully selected Accessories will enhance your off-the-shoulder look and simply contribute to the universal appeal of this beautiful trend of year.

Mary E. Sanders


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