Wear A Denim Overalls For Summer And Spring

Our topsy-turvy weather would try the patience of any fashionista, but savvy know all about diapers. Maybe that’s why the overalls have a moment. You can wear clothes both under and over it, with the added benefit of a warm fabric if it is denim.

Vikki Kavanagh, buyer of casual wear for Harvey Nichols, points out that overalls can be very flattering. She admits that any denim is an important trend this season, but insists that overalls are the flagship.

Denim is heavy enough to carry faux fur with you. A cardigan, bomber or plaid shirt will draw a casual look that matches an item traditionally worn by the workers (we find out!). If you are more urban than a craftsman, put on a blouse and blazer.

Forget the baggy style of the past and wear your thin or slightly cropped jumpsuit with a cuff. Swap blue for white stretch denim, combined with a lace top of the same color, or contrasted with a pastel T-shirt.

Overlay the neckline with a short top, an off-the-shoulder version or a halter. Unbutton one side of the bib or both. Tease with a slogan T-shirt, or go fishing for a breton. Wear a wide belt in light beige for blue denim, solid for white or to match your top.

Accessorize with animal prints, an oversized bag and shoes in the form of sneakers, laces, pointed flat shoes, sandals and platforms or heels (always in the mix). Top with a straw hat, and wrap this plaid shirt around your waist.

Whatever you choose – and you could have them all! – do not forget to tear, especially wash with a classic denim. Leave the hems exposed and unfinished and customize with patches for an individual touch. Beat a solid block in a darker shade to create a function. When spring turns into summer, turn your jumpsuit into a short jumpsuit.

Denim is durable and practical, and relatively inexpensive, which makes it suitable in times of economy. Or does that just mean you can have more? We say go ahead!

Mary E. Sanders


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