The Gorgeous Tulle Skirt Is Trending For Sure

It’s not easy to remove the ballerina look outside a Swan Lake performance, but with a tulle skirt you can get the same femininity in your wardrobe without resorting to a complete tutu. Although they work best in bare colors and pastels in simple and elegant outfits, you can make it work in your own style.

This original skirt can immediately put on even a simple T-shirt and is perfect for creating a feminine shape – tapered at the waist, flared below the knee. For a classic and delicate look, combine it with a T-shirt and simple pumps with short sleeves or with stilettos for an evening dress. Alternatively, a tulle skirt girly can inject energy into your ensemble if you prefer your style to be more blended; a T-shirt with stripes and a pair of sneakers can balance the softness of the skirt, and ruffles add texture to any outfit.

Even in winter, combined with a knitted sweater, tights and boots, this flared skirt can be as casual or glamorous as you do, but always guarantees a girly-elegant style. And, of course, there is always your big day – tulle skirts and dresses look phenomenally like wedding dresses, so it’s probably best not to go for this style if you’re just a wedding guest…

The cut of the skirt is immediately flattering, no matter what body shape you have. The full skirt with ruffles covers problem areas such as hips and thighs and emphasizes the waist by keeping it naturally tight, which perhaps explains why skirts and tulle dresses are still popular on the red carpet. Stars such as Emma Watson, Amy Adams and the icon of the style itself, Audrey Hepburn, were all seen in tulle dresses, so with her consent there is no reason not to add this ultra-feminine look to your own wardrobe.

Mary E. Sanders


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