Checkout These Sequins Trending In Spring

Don’t let the sun steal your shine this summer – sequins are hot in 2014 and there are many ways to wear them. Only a sequined item can change your overall appearance and make it easier for you to adapt your daytime outfit to something more suitable for a night on the town. So, get a little shine in your wardrobe with this fun.

Stand out at night with a sequined mini skirt for a glamorous look with a retro twist. The great thing about sequins is that they catch the light as they move, so whether you want to wear your bare legs or prefer to contrast the shiny skirt against the tights, you will always have an eye-catching look. You can opt for a sequined dress, but be sure to choose a short hem, otherwise you risk making your outfit obsolete. If you prefer to switch the Look to your upper half, try a sequin top – a thin material is best for the sequins to follow your movements.

For a more subtle Look, a T-Shirt or Top with a glitter app or Design works just as well. Or cover up by opting for a sparkling Blazer or shrugging off a simple Ensemble-too many sequins look too picky and could collide, so it’s advisable to pick a single element of sequins in your outfit to make it really stand out.

Of course, you may want your Accessories to shine rather than your clothes. A sequined clutch or handbag is a great way to add Glamour to your Look if you’re not interested in rocking a sparkling dress or skirt, and will attract as much attention as a sequined garment. Or channel your inner Dorothy and invest in sequined stilettos; This is a guaranteed winner for a night at a Club or Bar, and like the skirt, it will look great, with bare legs or pantyhose. Sparkling heels can even dress up skinny jeans and instantly transform your outfit.

Mary E. Sanders


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