White-On-White Trend Still Continuing

This season’s white-on-white trend exudes modern chic and keeps you cool even as temperatures rise. By emphasizing the clean lines and minimalist design, you can enjoy the white-on-white look with your casual or office outfit during the day and illuminate the night with an elegant cocktail dress or an elegant evening dress.

The outfits of summer 2014 include skirts of all lengths, dresses inspired by the tennis court, skinny trousers and tight-fitting panties. By combining all-white tops, skirts, trousers and jackets, you can create your own unique look.

White mini skirts are the perfect way to display your golden tan this summer. You can consider a white denim version with classic denim pockets and button details, or maybe a tennis skirt with pointed folds. For an individualistic style, opt for an asymmetrical mini skirt with zip details. Mini skirts look great when combined with short tops or longer tunic tops.

White dresses are fashionable for a summer day and almost everything goes in terms of style. Floating mini dresses with soft folds are a popular option, perhaps emphasizing the waist with a wide contrasting belt. If you like your dresses with a tailored look, then a sleeveless dress with a V-neck and low waist can be exactly what you are looking for.

Nothing emphasizes your female figure more beautifully than tight-fitting trousers. Choose white skinny jeans or pedal sliders that go with a loose silky top and stilettos to accentuate your waist. Panties cut under a boxy jacket will make a wonderfully elegant outfit or evoke the spirit of the seventies with a simple white T-shirt and flared jeans sweeping across the floor on flat heels. And for a slightly rebellious edge, why not try white leather trousers with lacing with eyelets at the seams in combination with a loose tunic?

But the sheer sophistication of white on white really makes sense with great evening wear. Make sure everyone gets their breath back with a swirling full body dress with a high collar halter top and a matching wide belt. Or wear a tight-fitting jersey dress with a slit seam to show off a shapely leg.

Well-chosen accessories can make or break your outfit, so keep the theme white with matching shoes and handbags for a consistent look, or add a touch of contrasting color to draw more attention to your beautiful white on white ensemble. The choice is entirely up to you.

Mary E. Sanders


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