Lace Can Enhance Your Outfits For Sure

Who doesn’t like lace? What not to love? It can be wise and feminine, in your attractive face or deeply romantic. It has always been a popular wedding dress-hence the current exhibition at the V & a-captivating royalty (remember Kate), celebrities like Lily Allen and brides and bridesmaids everywhere. Now the ball gowns can also join the party after finally crossing the Atlantic.

Lace can enhance what you wear in the form of additional panels and inserts, or it can be the outfit itself. If it seems excessive, dress with aged denim or wear it under a leather jacket. Switch from safety from pristine white to color adventure. What can we say about red lace? Try rust, tan or brown on pink fabric, navy on green, black on cream, bare on white, and don’t stop.

The type of material dictates simple accessories, but they still need to be selected well. The silver sandals look great with white lace, while the ankle boots add weight to Gossamer lightness. Opt for the classic with a little black dress and heels, or opt for the elegance of a maxi. The fabric with the heavy texture of this season is good and easy to wear, so look for detailed patterns and wide nets.

Add an English broiderie edge to the shorts or combine them with a pointed cami instead. While we think of summer, style a lace sun dress from a wide-brimmed straw hat or turn your tunic into a mini dress. Finish with thick bracelets and add an anklet for a touch of class. A fringe cut will impress, or for cooler evenings, pull a short leotard over your openwork mini. If you do not have the basis for a lace bra top, opt for a transparent shirt over a patterned top.

The lace lends itself well to a bohemian style, so unleash your inner hippie or opt for an antique style. The metal wire was discovered on the slopes, but even this contemporary twist dates back to the sixties. Darker shades give you the opportunity to discover your Gothic side when mixing with velvet, faux fur and jewelry. Look for parts in markets and second-hand stores to personalize your clothes.

From Burberry pastels to House of Holland roses, we’ve heard that lace is one of the most discussed trends and one of the most tweeted words during London Fashion Week. This can only be good for lace lovers like us!

Mary E. Sanders


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