Wear Polka Dots In Spring For Beautiful Look

If you see spots under your eyes this summer, do not worry. These are just peas spread around the shows and the main street. It is a model that is always with us and is always loved, but the challenge is to reinvent it every time.

Oscar de la Renta floats the look on chiffon evening dresses with notes of flowers, while Dolce & Gabbana prefers it on ruffles and sensational red. Sportmax paints occasional round shapes on white expanses, so Burberry adds softening lace to its own polka dot collection. It would not be fashionable if denim did not appear somewhere, so skinny jeans have to come out in some places. They are most effective with a simple coat and sweater, as proved by the off-duty model Andreea Diaconu in Stella McCartney.

This is a trend especially suited to the monochrome enthusiasm of this season. Choose a black top on white and reverse the foreground and background for the skirt or pants. Give a garment bolder spots, but make it the top half of your outfit for a more flattering contour. Add accessories in bright colors to break it. Or dress in small stitches and reserve the larger ones for a smaller area, such as a thick bracelet or scarf.

If you find this too geometric, pair a printed blouse with a pretty lace skirt or mix black and white circles and stripes with a deep monochrome patch. However, it is something that is suitable for any color, print size, material and style. Pastel shades will brighten up your day; or try experimenting with textured polka dots for an evening out. Framed whites are a great statement piece for this look, and leather pants are the perfect foil.

If all this sounds too silly, limit your purchases to accessories. We are not just talking about Shoes and the like. Peas certainly have no shortage of versatility and are suitable for everything from iPad and iPhone cover to tights. Wear your matter close to your heart-whether we mean a cardigan or something like that, with a colorful pattern (for example, a check), and you will emphasize both.

Men can change this trend with ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs or subtly on shirts. Really, there’s something for everyone, whether you want to embrace the overall look or prefer to be a little picky around the edges. Whatever you choose, It’s an investment – peas will not disappear!

Mary E. Sanders


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