Leather Leggings Trending For This Season

It was the whole rave in the fall of 2013, but it’s still there in early 2014. If you’ve always thought that leather leggings are not for you, this spring is the time to reconsider. You will be surprised how adaptable they are. Use your imagination (and your browser) to explore the variety of colors and patterns. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in pink!

However, if you mix the more traditional shade of leather with white blouses, two-tone shoes and black fabrics, you are ready for the monochrome trend of this season (but we emphasize a touch of color).

This material makes an expensive purchase, but so we recommend dummy. It is easier to wear, more versatile and – very importantly, that-washable. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your last acquisition will grab those skinny jeans you’ve been living in.

Combine them with a wide cotton shirt or a comfortable sweatshirt or a fitted jacket. Add a long scarf, and it’s your assorted tag. Dress them with heels( animal prints look great) for an evening that could run in the early hours (you never know). Drape them with a fragile blouse-or a short top if you dare-and you’re ready to go. Overlay is an effective way to showcase your leggings; or combine them with a dress. Let it be loose or tight, but keep it short

Feminine look with transparent fabrics or a touch of lace. Minimize the accessories with just a clutch and pumps, sandals or ankle boots (but do not exclude a little bling). Think carefully about the starting length – the long ones may seem a bit too reptilian. By the way, the days when you really need positive vibrations, snake patterns or cracked leather are the knees of the bee. The same goes for matt wet, an example where shoes to the knees look fabulous.

If you are afraid to be too old for fashion this time, think again! You can give preference to jeggings for a softer shape, but it really depends on you. The right age is, we believe, less of a problem than the right person. If you feel comfortable, go ahead! Remember to show restraint, tips that apply at any age, in fact.

Whether casual or smart, classic or skirt, welcome to the brave new world of faux leather leggings, style 2014. We hope that now you can see that there is an explanation if you are willing to accept it. Are you ready?

Mary E. Sanders


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